Ntombizivumile Tshem

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Ntombizivumile Tshem

I am a single mother of three girls staying in Ndlovini in Cape Town. I grew up staying with my grandmother as my parents were always away for work in Johannesburg. Growing up without parents was not easy at all. I even got my first child at an early age, and I was still in school

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How did you find out about Monkeybiz?
I learnt beadwork from the lady that stays in the same area with me, and she introduced me to Mathapelo Ngaka.

What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
Other jobs I’ve done other than being an artist is Housekeeping, but that didn’t last for long.

Tell us about your experience since you been with Monkeybiz?
I had a great experience since I started with Monkeybiz. I was honoured to join a big project for the HAAS BROTHERS making all the unusual creatures that we’ve never seen before. The Haas project has added so much to my beading skills. I leant different beading techniques. Most of all I was so proud of myself to see my work being in an exhibition in New York and that Jay Z and Beyonce was there to see it. I was so blown away and wish I was there too, but I know one day god will make a way and I will go overseas too.

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