Lumka Duna

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Lumka Duna

Born in Queenstown, South Africa.

I was born and raised in Queenstown. As a little girl I loved school and sports. After finishing my matric I moved to Cape Town. It was not easy finding a job then I met Margaret, she introduced me to Monkeybiz. Since then, my life changed I was able to earn an income got married and started a family.

Let’s hear from Lumka:


What do you like about your work?
Since I was a child, I loved animals and now to be able to create these beautiful, beaded animals is a big thing to me and I am always willing to learn more from others.

How did craft change your life and your family’s?
It changed my life so much it makes me feel so independent and I can give my kids education. I never thought that with my own hands, I could do something to support my family.

Name something you like and why?
I like my work, because it keeps me in my house and close to my family. My neighbours hard see me sometimes, because I am always inside my house doing my work.

What are your goals?
Like every parent, my goal is to give my kids a better education and see them succeed in life and not struggle as I did.

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