Sepati Mhlafuno

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Sepati Mhlafuno

Born in Queenstown, South Africa

I am from Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape. After I finished school, I got married then me and my husband we moved to Cape Town. We stayed in Strand we started a small business of our own unfortunately he passed away few years ago. I them started beading for Monkeybiz to be able to support myself.

Let’s hear from Sepati:


What do you like about your work?
I like my work because I learn to do new things all the time.

How did craft change your life?

It changed my life so much after my husband passed away there was no income. I now know that through beadwork I can support me and my family.

What art are you most identify with?

Art that I am most identify with is the beaded placemats and coaster that is what I am good at making.

What are your goals?

My goal is to see myself involved in a big project with well-known artists and maybe going overseas.

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