Monkeybiz’s African Totem Pole for V & A Waterfront


Monkeybiz’s African Totem Pole for V & A Waterfront

There’s a story to be told about the spirit of the township & people are finally ready to listen. The team from V & A Waterfront have selected Monkeybiz to create one of eight Travelling Totems that will be part of their Christmas installation in celebration of local artists and craftsmen.

25 bead artists and 1 wire artist were involved in the creation of the Monkeybiz Totem, beading a total of 22x 3D items and 1x large mat consisting of 21 different portraits.

Each piece plays an integral role in the story our Totem tells:

  • Sun & Moon: representing the cycle of life
  • Bead Artist Dolls: representing the bead artists
  • Portrait mats: representing family and women empowerment
  • Houses: representing homes
  • Trees: representing growth
  • Animals: representing lifestyle
  • People: representing community
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